Photo: Orlando Magic/X

Orlando Magic guard Jalen Suggs called head coach Jamahl Mosley the 2023-24 NBA Coach of the Year following Sunday’s 113-98 home win vs. the Chicago Bulls.

(via Orlando Magic):

Reporter: “Jamahl took responsibility last game for not preparing you guys correctly. For him to I guess bounce back in that way as a coach tonight, what does it say about him and why he should be considered potentially Coach of the Year?”

Suggs: “He is Coach of the Year. My bad, I didn’t mean to cut you off there, but he is Coach of the Year. That last game was on us players. Shows a lot about his character and humility taking that on the chest as a grown man, but that was on us. Just a great job in responding and really understanding how to get us going. I think that’s what makes him so special is the connection that he has with all of us to where he says stuff like that and we listen to him, we believe him, because of everything that he’s done for us on the court, in the locker room, and off the court in life. You can tell that he cares, and with that, we want to pay it back tenfold. So, I think that’s what you saw tonight.”