Unicaja destroys Le Mans

Unicaja MalagaUnicaja Malaga travelled to Le Mans just to show how strong they are right now, since they destroyed local team (55-87) without four of their main players, all of them injured. Great game by Thomas Kelati and Boniface Ndong. Alain Koffi was by far the best player in Le Mans.

It seem Unicaja wants to make it again this year into the Final Four, after 2007's success. This year, with players like Haislip, Cook, Welsch and Jiménez, and former spanish national team coach Aíto, they are raching new levels in their game. Anyway, they played in Le Mans without some key players, and they still showed how a team play together.

Omar Cook is being very important at this point, since he's right now the only pure point guard in the team. He shooted only once, but gave five assists and most important, directed the team in the correct way. So it was easier for shooter like Jiri Welsch (very motivated this year), Joseph Gomis and Thomas Kelati to score.

Boni Ndong played a great game too. Alongside with Robert Archibald and recently signed Paul Shirley (because of Haislip's injury), they form Unicaja's inside game. He is every day more confident about scoring, no need to talk about his famous game on defense.

After first twenty minutes, the score was 29-39, but it was on the third quarter when the team from Málaga got a big advantage (40-58), and then the game had no more story.