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Kevin Durant admits he was “pissed” when James Harden requested trade from Nets

In a candid moment after a face-off against the Los Angeles Clippers, Kevin Durant, now with the Phoenix Suns, didn’t hold back when addressing James Harden’s trade request from the Brooklyn Nets.

Harden, who currently plays for the Clippers, initiated the breakup of the Nets’ formidable Big Three two years ago, prompting Durant and Kyrie Irving to make subsequent moves to the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks, respectively.

When asked about his relationship with Harden, Durant admitted, “No doubt that I was pissed about the situation.” Despite the initial frustration, Durant emphasized the bond they share, having entered the league together and developing a deep connection.

“I’m sure he was pissed about having to move with teams again,” the two-time NBA champion said. “But when the smoke clears, you realize that it’s somebody you cam into the league with, somebody I really, Really love as a brother.

“I want the best for him as an individual. I want him to play bad when we play against him, but for the most part I want what’s best for him and his family going forward.

“As much as it affected our team, I just still had to look past that and just move forward and realize we still had some solid moments together,” Durant said. “I just wish for the best for everybody in that situation.”

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