Photo: Los Angeles Clippers/X

Los Angeles Clippers guard James Harden wants to emphasize getting himself and his teammates quality looks during their upcoming games.

(via HoopJab):

Reporter: “If you were to identify an area for yourself impacting the team over the next week or so, what are you targeting right now?”

Harden: “Just finding ways to generate really good shots consistently, whether it’s myself or hitting our bigs for a layup or dunk or generating a really good three. So I think that’s me in the entire season and the postseason, is generating quality shots consistently. I feel like if we can do that, not turn the basketball over, make teams guard us, and then get back and give ourself a chance defensively in the halfcourt, it’s going to be very, very tough to beat us. Obviously that’s a building process and that’s where we want to be at the end of the year.”