Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr sees rookie Trayce Jackson-Davis fitting in nicely with the team’s style of play.

(via Let’s Go Warriors):

Reporter: “With Trayce [Jackson-Davis], can you talk about the importance of four years of college, 124 games I believe it was, to come into a system like that as a rookie, and what part of his game do you think that can maybe be expanded coming into the NBA as a double-double guy like he was at Indiana?”

Kerr: “Trayce is an impressive young prospect. You don’t see that kind of college experience very often anymore, but you immediately recognize the experience level and the advantage that that gives him. What I like about Trayce, he plays the way we like to play. He’s a good passer, dribble hand-off guy at the top of the key, good screener. Gives us a lob threat that we don’t otherwise have, which is a really nice addition. And I think he’s just the kind of guy who feels the game well. He’s got good feel for passing, cutting movement, and a lot of the stuff that we already run, he runs really well. Trayce is a really intriguing prospect and it’ll be fun to watch him play.”