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Luka Doncic corrects FIBA’s mistake: “Slovenia,” not “Slovania”

Photo: Kosarkarska zveza Slovenije/Twitter

The FIBA World Cup, like many major sporting events, had its share of hiccups, and Mavericks’ superstar Luka Doncic wasn’t about to let one slide.

The tournament commenced yesterday, and Doncic took to his Instagram story to address an error on Slovenia’s official poster.

In the photo, shared by Doncic, the country’s name was mistakenly spelled as “SlovAnia” instead of the correct “SlovEnia.” The 24-year-old point guard corrected the spelling using a marker and added a cheeky caption: “Thank you @fiba” along with laughing emojis

Photo: lukadoncic/IG

This minor hiccup aside, the Slovenian team, led by Doncic, is gearing up for their World Cup campaign, starting today with a matchup against Venezuela in Okinawa City, Japan.

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