Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Following defeating the Golden State Warriors 4-2 in the Second Round, Los Angeles Lakers star big man Anthony Davis discussed shocking the world/he and LeBron James wanting another championship.

(via ESPN):

Lisa Salters: “From the 7 seed to the Western Conference Finals. Just what has this team so hot right now?”

Davis: “Togetherness. We wanna shock the world. Us starting 2-10, knowing that the trade deadline, we got better, we added new pieces, and the way we were playing, guys came in motivated and wanted to win. Not a lot of guys have been in closeout games or in this position at all in the Second Round on our team. So they’re hungry, they want it, just like me and Bron want another one. Now it’s time to go get it, unfinished business. We gotta go into Denver with a mindset of them being the #1 seed. If we come in messing around, we’ll lose by 30 every game. So we gotta give them their respect, but we know what we are capable of as a team, where we want to go, and we think we got enough firepower. We just gotta go get it done and put it to the test.”