Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Former NBA star Antawn Jamison who was teammate of LeBron James for one year, shared his thoughts on the mentality of the four-time NBA champion and how he’s different from Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

According to Jamison, James was ‘happy-go-lucky’ type of guy and he needed to go to Miami to learn a different kind of mentality from Pat Riley. He says that the time with the Heat took LeBron to the next level.

“The difference between Bron and Kobe, Kobe was more like Mike, just the mentality,” Jamison told Vince Carter. “Bron was more like happy-go-lucky, just still having a good time, all the handshakes they was doing.

“So I think Bron needed to go [to Miami] for Pat Riley and learn about the mentality that Mike and Magic [Johnson] and those guys, D-Wade already had it. So I think by those couple years, by him being down there in Miami, it took him to the next level.

“Because he could have arguably won the MVP every year. That’s the type of talent that he was. But I think he needed to go down there and experience. Like, ‘You know what, I’ve been kind of doing this all wrong.’

“And from what I heard after he got back from Miami, from the people with the organization, you could tell he came back different. He came back with a little ‘You know what, this is how we got to do things.'”