Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

Following Sunday’s 108-102 home loss vs. the Denver Nuggets, Brooklyn Nets head coach Jacque Vaughn said that the team has to do a better job of rebounding against big lineups.

(via YES Network):

Reporter: “Coach, the rebounding part of it. I know you talked about keeping other guys off the glass, Michael Porter Jr. had nine of them. What are you guys going to be able to do, especially in this stretch coming up where you got a lot of big teams out there, to be able to win some of these games where other guys are going to have big lineups out there on the glass?”

Vaughn: “Yeah. We have to accept it. It’s truth. It’s staring us in the face. The scouting report says to try to go offensive rebound vs. the Nets, and we have to understand that and really do a diligent job of continuing to try to do it together. We can’t do it with two people or three people. We show clips at halftime where literally we need all five people to come back and get a piece of somebody.”