Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

After going for career-high 71 points against the Rockets, Damian Lillard was limited to 25 points by the Warriors.

The Trail Blazers superstar had 15 points in the first quarter, but added just 10 over the remaining three quarters.

According to Draymond Green, Golden State was able to do lock Lillard because of a specifically designed game plan.

“Just stick to the game plan,” the four-time NBA champion said. “I think I’m in a position to say that because I know this coaching staff. I know when they put specific game pans together, it works.

“I’ve seen it work year after year, playoff run after playoff run. When they lock in and put a specific game plan together, we want to guard guys this way, we want to make this guy score and not let this guy. When they do that, it works.

“Coach told us before the game ‘Hey w’re going to try this game plan and this is more like a playoff game plan for us.'”