David Liam Kyle/Getty Images
David Liam Kyle/Getty Images

For years, the NBA Finals has unearthed some wonderful stories and this year’s edition is no different if you look away from LeBron James’ sheer dominance thus far.

While James looks to be heading to a certain Finals MVP crown, should the Cleveland Cavaliers win the series, there is one other player that has truly made LeBron’s job that little bit easier.

And it’s players like Cavs’ Matthew Dellavedova that make you feel guilty that the NBA doesn’t give out ‘unsung hero of the Finals’ awards.

The Australian hustler, who has stepped in for the injured Kyrie Irving, complimented James’ 40-point effort with 20 points of his own but what has been widely talked about throughout the Finals has been Dellavedova’s tireless work ethic and stellar defence on reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry, who has not yet proven himself on the NBA’s biggest stage yet.

And that is largely because of Dellavedova.

The hard-working nature of the Australian was so evident in game three last night that he experienced “severe cramping,” and required an IV before going into the waiting ambulance.

Despite the pain, he was able to walk under his own power into the ambulance and to the Cleveland Clinic where he was admitted to receive additional treatment.

In Delly’s case though: pain is temporary, pride is forever.

Dellavedova’s game two shutdown of Stephen Curry