Following last night’s 118-108 home win vs. the Sacramento Kings, Memphis Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins talked about Tyus Jones’ development since joining the team back in 2019 (18 points/6 rebounds/8 assists/1 steal/5-10 FG/5-7 3-PT/3-4 FT).

(via Memphis Grizzlies):

“Tons of credit to Tyus, just progressively getting better year after year. He was huge for us tonight. Our bench was huge for us tonight. Tyus +14, just comes in and helps. We were sluggish to start, and then we finally get some stops, and he knocks down a couple of big threes for us. But we just challenged him when he got here to just grow his game. That was one area we knew he was going to be a primary piece for us offensively just to facilitate, but also how can he be a scoring threat for us?

“He’s gonna get into his floater game and mid-range game. He’s an elite assist to turnover guy, but here’s one area that we want to challenge you to get better in, and he actually was willing to accept the challenge. We always talk about guys being somewhere a little uncomfortable, getting forced to do some different things, but he’s just run with it. It took a little time for him to get going, but I’ve been really impressed with him this year no matter what his role is. Come off the bench, be a starter, play with different lineups, play longer stretches, shorter stretches. When he has an aggressive mentality, it’s usually good for Tyus.”