The Raptors lost for the second time in a row as they fell against the Grizzlies (106-119). Toronto head coach Nick Nurse was disappointed by his team’s effort.

He was blunt when talking about the game, saying that the way his team played does not give him much optimism going forward.

“I don’t know if the play tonight gives me much optimism at all,” Nurse said after the game. “It’s pretty unacceptable with the effort we gave. I thought the loose ball count was all in their favor. I’m not talking about 50-50 balls either. I’m talking about ones where we had huge advantages to get.

“And we just… that’s our identity of who we are. Like, when we’re tipping balls away, we’re the first ones to the floor to get them and we weren’t close to that tonight. So, looking anything else other than us just getting back to some instinctual effort play is my first concern.”

With 15 wins and 20 losses, the Raptors are just outside the play-in zone as they sit in the 11th place in the Eastern Conference.