Photo: Detroit Pistons/Twitter

Amid the loaded interests that they are piling up, the Detroit Pistons remain determined to keep Bojan Bogdanovic.

According to insider Marc Stein, the Pistons keep insisting that they intend to stick with Bogdanovic and help the club with Cade Cunningham back next season, but several suitors stand keen on their desire to inquire about the Croatian wingman.

Bogdanovic has been a frequent member of trade rumors in recent weeks, notably with the Los Angeles Lakers. As such, one trade proposal that created rumblings was that the Lakers offered Patrick Beverley and a first-round pick for the Pistons according to Shams Charania of The Athletic. But with such reluctance, Detroit didn’t move a needle to entertain.

The Pistons acquired Bogdanovic from the Utah Jazz last offseason with the clear intent to guide and mentor their youth-laden squad. Both sides may seem inclined given that they inked a two-year, $39.1 million extension last November.

Bogdanovic is averaging 21.3 points in a sizzling 49.7 percent shooting, which truly entices contending teams that are looking for added firepower. But with Detroit looking to develop and be rubbed by experience, it will truly remain yet to be seen if they will place the veteran in the marketplace.