The phrase “Mamba Mentality” has been present in the basketball world for some time now, and many players use it to pay homage to the late Kobe Bryant, who coined the term.

Kobe was known for being a relentless competitor, much like his idol Michael Jordan, and once explained that Mamba Mentality is simply a drive to outwork everyone else. It’s become even more popular since his death in 2020, but Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers hates hearing it used so loosely. In fact, he doesn’t feel anyone else should get to say it.

“When people use the Mamba Mentality, you guys don’t do that,” the GM said on a recent episode of the ALL THE SMOKE podcast. “You’re not him. Nobody should be allowed to say that. I’m sorry. There is nobody there like him. When people say that, it bothers me and I’m like, I don’t pretend like I do that, but I’m like, you don’t get to say that. That’s not a throwaway line … I’m sorry, but that went with him. Come up with something else.”

Myers admitted that there are many fierce competitors in today’s NBA but none of them match Kobe in terms of a desire to hurt an opponent.

“Not many guys want to take your will,” he continued. “A lot of guys want to beat you. Not many guys want to take your will and make it, so you know never to try that again. ‘Like, how dare you try to beat me? How dare you think you’re going to come out here and beat me?’ but nobody lives like, that’s what I’m saying. That is not normal.”