Russell Westbrook needed medical assistance after getting elbowed by Zach Collins during last night’s game between the Lakers and the Spurs.

Fortunately, for the former NBA MVP, no stitches were needed – a patch was enough. Russ was mad at his opponent for the incident. According to Collins, he had no intention of hitting Westbrook with his elbow and was just trying to foul his to avoid an and-1 situation.

“I shouldn’t have jumped on the pump fake, but I did,” he said, per Tom Osborn. “And then the worst thing you can do is give up an and-1 in that situation, so I was just trying to come down and hit his arm so the ball wouldn’t get up to the rim.”

“Unfortunately, my elbow just caught his head and he started bleeding and it looked terrible, but I honestly wasn’t trying to do anything. I just didn’t want him to get a shot off,” the 25-year-old forward added.