Photo: SportsCenter screenshot/Twitter

Patrick Beverley was untimely ousted from the Los Angeles Lakers’ road duel against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday after body-checking Deandre Ayton late in the fourth period.

The sequence started when Devin Booker committed a flagrant foul penalty 1 against Austin Reaves with less than four minutes left, as the Suns’ star hit the sophomore wingman’s face on a shot contest.

In what could be disbelief, Ayton went near and taunted Reaves in his reaction, who fell down and was holding his face. The action prompted Beverley to barrel hard against the big man.

The shove made by the veteran sparked a mini-escalation amongst the Lakers and Suns personnel, as Beverley quickly headed to the dugout knowing that he’ll be definitely ejected for a few moments to come. For the taunting he made, Ayton was slapped with a technical foul.

The Suns went on to cling onto their lead to cap off a 115-105 solid win.