The NBA will look closely at a potential expansion once their newest television rights are under negotiations, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told Phoenix Suns employees in his meeting with them earlier this week.

The league’s current national television deal with both ESPN and Turner Sports are set to expire at the conclusion of the 2024-25 campaign.

“In order to evaluate any teams coming in, we need to know where we stand from a media standpoint; that’s obviously our most significant form of revenue overall,” Silver told workers, per Baxter Holmes of ESPN.

But on the other hand, Silver acknowledged that an expansion could weaken the overall performance and product of several teams. 

“None of us can remember going into a season where there was a perception of so much competition, but, still, the goal is to have 30 competitive teams, not 20, or whatever it is, so think we do pay attention to the dilution factor,” Silver reiterated.

Per Holmes, Silver still noted that the league is heading in the right direction and that there is no shortage for possible candidates to add to the 30-team league.

Both Seattle and Las Vegas are being rumored as probable cities being eyed by the expansion motives of the NBA.