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There are not many sports more loved and respected than basketball. It is a global phenomenon and is followed by millions worldwide. Basketball is enjoyed by many youths around the globe, especially in the US, where the NBA is adored. Watching b-ball matches a huge business and makes billions every year through the sponsors and the attendance of so many fans. 

Since 2010, Insta has been a major reason why hoop is one of the world’s most watched sports. Being a big NBA fan, you can find plenty of interesting info, latest news and pictures of your favorite athletes on social media, not counting falling biggest stars accounts. 

Hoops is popular in every Asian, European, and American country. It has even been designated as an Olympic sport. Hustle, The Way Back and Rise are just a few movies inspired by the sport and b-ball athletes. There are even basketball-themed casino games online available for sports fans. The popularity of this sport is clear: in the US, the number of fans grows by 4% every year. 

5 Best Basketball-Related Instagram Profiles

There are certain accounts that will keep you updated with the news, gossip, and, of course, upcoming matches that you can streat and bet on.

House of Highlights | @houseofhighlights

There are over 28 million fasn of this page, and for a good reason. You can catch up on all the great sporting action you missed here. You also get the opportunity to check out some youth culture here too. 

Clutch Points NBA | @clutchpointsnba

When you need facts, figures, and interesting data on everything to do with the NBA, look no further. You can even find out fun facts about referees too. 

Throwback Hoops | @throwbackhoops

If you are a fan of old style hoops, this paper is right up your street. You will see lots of vintage action through photos and video clips. They have almost 600,000 followers too. 


We had to add the primary source to the list of accounts. Here you can find all the stats and scores from the horse’s mouth. With over 60 million fans, you are in good company here. 

NBA on TNT | @nbaontnt

The famous sports program also has an Insta account that is fun and entertaining, we had to add it to the list. There are over 6 million followers who enjoy the highlights that can be watched daily as well as clips from the entertaining show. 

These are five b-ball Insta accounts to follow in 2022. They offer great highlights, statistics, and video clips. If you are a lover of the fantastic game of basketball, you know what you need to do. Check them out and get a following; you will not be disappointed.