Draymond Green
Photo: thesportsrush.com

A tweet by Ronnie Singh, more known as Ronnie 2K, started an exchange on Twitter between him and Draymond Green.

First, Singh reacted to a video of Klay Thompson asking him to change his three-point rating in the NBA 2K23 game.

“Ronnie 2K change my three-point rating,” he said after winning a three-point contest along with Steph Curry as part of NBA Japan Games. Ronnie 2K tweeted “#RentFree” in response to the video.

His tweet was spotted by Green who reacted to it by tweeting “Ronnie, you promote a video game sir. Stop acting like the old media.”

Singh escalated it further by knocking Green’s podcast. “Sorry I don’t have a “stimulating” podcast to put this on this morning busy promoting a video game,” he tweeted.

The four-time NBA champion did not let this go and added another tweet. “You do realize your success is dependent up on us right? Slow down, it can get ugly fast!” he wrote.