Few months have passed, Ja Morant remains contemplating about the sky high 2021-22 season of the promising Memphis Grizzlies. 

Morant believes that they were the favorites over the eventual champ Golden State Warriors in their recent postseason clash, but his injury served as a roadblock to meet that standard and eventually grab the season in which he claims “our year.”

“In my three years, I had an injury that took me away for a while, and obviously, late in the playoffs, that injury took me out of the series, and I felt like me personally and my teammates, we were the favorites in that series,” Morant pertaining to the second-round bout with Warriors. “It was pretty much our year but that injury cause me to be out. And now you have to change lineups and you know guys playing without me. I feel like that’s the most frustrating part for me. You know, being out there and not being able to compete.”

Knotted at 1-1 deadlock, Morant unfortunately sustained a knee injury on his club’s Game 3 clash against the Dubs. Amid his absence, the Grizzlies still willed their way on pushing the series to six games before being eliminated to the second-round stage.

Who knows what could have happened if Morant remained available, but it’ll certainly be feisty and worth-watching given that the two franchises have forged a rivalry last season.

As such, next season offers new opportunity, with Morant and the Grizz facing the Warriors on the Christmay Day to reignite that stand-off.