Basketball is very popular in schools, and it is also a popular sport around the world. Just like other favorite sports, basketball is also chosen by millions of people to bet and make money. NBA games are a big draw for bettors, and there are more and more opportunities to access the bigger leagues.

While some people are lucky enough to win, others have to rely on their accumulated knowledge and experience. The bookies are always wise, they increase the odds and provide more props. Therefore, to be able to win, players need to regularly update their knowledge, change strategy and observation ability.

Below, we will share a few tips to improve your basketball betting strategy and increase your chances of winning!

Change your basketball betting strategy

Learn, analyze, research

Check stats and pre-match reports: Before thinking about winning in basketball betting, spend some time looking at the stats and trying to figure out one aspect that you can use to your advantage. Never bet on a basketball team just because you like them or think they will win. This is not just a trick, it is a technical manipulation and a collection of sources of knowledge and analytical ability of a bettor to be able to win. 

Check the lineups: Don’t forget to check the lineups, check injury reports and rosters before you bet on games. The presence of your chosen player in the match will be part of your winning bet. The injury of a major player in the sport has a big impact on the final outcome. Especially for basketball, a subject that requires extremely high sensitivity and handling.

Set up the home team: In basketball betting, you need to pay attention to the home field factor. Playing basketball at home court is a big advantage. Most teams love and play better at home than away. So home advantage is an important factor in the NBA that bettors need to consider. Studies by ESPN show a home win rate of 61.2% of all NBA games. 

Consider the time and location of the competition: Preview the schedule of all teams throughout the season. For teams that are scheduled to play multiple days in a row, their performance will drop significantly. Similarly, geographical location is also a point worth considering. The away teams will be at a disadvantage because they have to travel a long distance, their bodies are more tired, and the probability of winning is lower.

Choose a reputable sportsbook

The first thing to be able to bet safely is to make sure you find a reputable sportsbook to bet on. As they will provide reasonable odds and lines. Along with that are the conditions to ensure safe betting, convenient withdrawal transactions. 

Not all bookmakers are reputable so that people can rest assured to deposit money into it. Some bookies will try to find the loopholes of new, inexperienced players to win bets. The proof is that there are many players who lose all their money.

A reputable bookmaker is the first and easiest thing to do. Finding trustworthy and historical sites doesn’t take too long. Loto188 betting site is one of the legally licensed websites in the Philippines. Loto188 offers some special basketball odds throughout the season. If you are a bettor in Asia, choosing Loto 188 is safe.

Take control of your own behavior

Don’t think, just bet the more you will win. So you need to be in control of your behavior. Don’t splurge on betting just because you’ve lost before. Betting is just a fun game, and it’s not the way to make money in the long run.

If you lose your bet, don’t try to remove gauze from it by placing more bets. That could cost you more money. One thing to always keep in mind is Do not bet more than you have. Don’t make yourself a debtor to anyone just because of gambling. 

Instructions for betting on basketball at Loto188

Step 1: Go to the official link of the betting site.

Step 2: Click the login button, or register if you are a new member. Fill in the correct information including username, password; valid email address and phone number.

Step 3: Deposit money to bet. Loto188 betting site is licensed to operate legally in the Philippines (PAGCOR License No. OGL16-0023) and is supervised by the Gaming Associates organization, so it is very safe in transactions and not afraid of being scammed. Loto188 results Connect with most banks and e-wallets for your choice.

Step 4: Click the Sports menu. Then find and select Basketball.

Step 5: Choose a favorite league or team to bet on. Enter the bet amount and hit submit. The website will have an automatic and accurate payment rate calculation system. You just immerse yourself in the match and keep track of the results. 


Betting on basketball is just as exciting as other sports. Hopefully the information we share above will help bettors understand a few basic tips to perfect their betting strategy.

In addition, to be able to bet on the NBA easily, players need to know the rules of basketball and the types of basketball bets. In particular, you must know how to analyze the odds and house odds to increase your chances of winning.