Photo: Piskv

The final release of the NBA Creator Series in Europe features Italian artist Francesco Persichella, who goes by “Piskv.” The NBA Creator Series is a series of original artwork commissioned by the NBA featuring artists from France, Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK in celebration of the league’s landmark 75th Anniversary Season in 2021-22. Featuring a diverse range of styles and compositions, each piece of artwork is centered around the artists’ passion for the NBA, their favorite moments from the league’s history, and the connections between Europe and the game of basketball. 

THE ARTIST: Born in Bari, Piskv is an architect and visual artist currently based in Rome. Having always been interested in architecture and art, he tries to find a synthesis through street art that allows him to interact with the architectural context, enhancing it through the beauty of representation. His artistic career developed in Italy’s capital city, where he made himself known by carrying out numerous street art interventions in the city and participating in exhibitions and events. His aesthetic ranges from the realistic to the futuristic-cubist geometric style, all united by a purely figurative attitude. Piskv’s artwork will be released today, Aug. 30on Facebook (@NBAItalia), Instagram (@NBAEurope), Twitter (@NBAItalia) and YouTube (@NBAEurope).

THE ARTWORK: Called I feel this game, it is a mural dedicated to Valerio D’Angelo, a Roman boy with a strong passion for basketball who passed away prematurely at the age of 33. The drawing is a vortex of shapes and colors that bring the attention from the bottom to the top: there are Valerio and his brother Damiano playing together moving to the top to Manu Ginobili and Marco Belinelli, two of the Valerio’s favourites players, in an upward pace that leads them to reach The Larry O’Brien Trophy, placed high up. The movement and dynamism of basketball are further accentuated by the jagged and angular shapes.

On the left side is the question “Where can your passion for basketball lead you?” is taken from Valerio’s book “Basket: I feel this game” and becomes he mural’s narrative: a story that teaches us how hard work and passion can drive you to dream and achieve great goals.

PISKV QUOTES: “Working on this project was truly inspiring for me. Not just because I am passionate about basketball but because I’ve met a lot of people who love this sport. Working with the NBA is a dream come true.

Hearing the story from Damiano and trying to pay a tribute to his brother Valerio was challenging and really meaningful. We all worked together in the same directions against any kind of issue or difficulty.

To me this is more than a mural because it speaks about love, brotherhood and friendship – all values I truly believe and that prove this sport is not just a game. I hope that it inspires all the people who will see it, especially young boys and girls.”