Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

New England area NBA players Pat Connaughton & Duncan Robinson are not fans of the Boston Celtics visiting team locker room.

(Via The Long Shot with Duncan Robinson and Davis Reid):

Pat Connaughton: “The Boston Celtics locker room is the worst visiting team locker room in the entire NBA.”

Davis Reid: “Is that intentional?”

Pat Connaughton: “Gotta be. With it being Boston and two guys from the New England area in which Boston was our team growing up, it’s gotta be on purpose. Has to be. We got producers in the other room shaking their heads. 100%, we know it’s on purpose.”

Duncan Robinson: “It’s also freezing in that arena every single time. It’s so cold.”

Davis Reid: “Wait, I want to paint a picture of the locker room. How bad are we talking?”

Pat Connaughton: “So I’m talking like, the carpet that’s matted down to where it’s probably worn out in areas. I’m talking the lockers that are definitely tighter than my shoulders. There’s only enough for 15 guys, maybe 16.”

Duncan Robinson: “If you walked in and you said, ‘This is a high school locker room,’ I would say, ‘That’s a really s***** high school locker room.’”

Davis Reid: “Stop.”

Pat Connaughton: “Put it this way. Their showers, it’s like the old-school showers that kinda got like that rut all over the tile. And there are those old-school ice baths that are not usable, like those oval tins that are stacked up on top of each other that have been there since way before we’ve been in the league that prevent you from being able to use any other showers. So there’s only two available ones. The top of the shower head, basically broken off. So it’s just water dripping out. Sometimes it’s cold.”