NBA Basketball betting
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The sports technology market will reach $42 billion by 2026. Leading basketball clubs are implementing strategies of digital transformation. Basketball federations cooperate with research centers in developing sports medicine and neurotechnology. Sports portals, sportsbooks and online livecasinos use modern technology for real-time broadcasting. Sportainment, a new and very broad area of sports and technology mix, has already taken a shape. 

The coaching staff has decided to support systems based on artificial intelligence technology. They allow analyzing many performances of basketball teams and individual athletes. This system develops optimal training strategies and adjusts tactical actions in real-time. Scouting services use AI to find new talent and assess their transfer value. 

Big sponsorship money has been coming to basketball for a long time now. The salaries of top players are counted in the tens of millions of dollars. The strain on their bodies is increasing. So, methods of injury prevention and recovery with technology analysis are becoming important. Special services analyze athletes’ fitness levels based on data from “smart” equipment. For example, smart uniforms provide information about muscle status, heart rate and movement intensity.

Big data help to analyze basketball player’s current characteristics, endurance and technique. They form individual training plans and identify early warning signs. They also check recovery from muscle and bone injuries and optimize rehabilitation plans. 

Sensors in basketball help to analyze shooting technique and to improve individual aspects of the game. Biometric sensors in outfits provide data about blood oxygen levels for emergency care. 

Opportunities to plan and conduct training become broader thanks to virtual reality technology. VR and AR are other tools to keep athletes functional throughout the game season. With immersive technology, players can play and minimize physical exertion and the risk of injury. And with cognitive training, they can easily recover from mental and emotional traumas. 

AI technologies help broadcast surroundings videos in real-time. They give fans the digital experience of watching a sporting event. Viewers feel like they’re in the stadium. AI-personalized content shows statistics and analytics while watching a basketball game.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies open up new possibilities for a basketball game. 3D projections and holographic replays give the effect of presence. Virtual court tours allow you to see everything in detail when you are at home in front of the PC or TV. Livecasino and sports betting sites actively offer such an opportunity to view matches. Gamification technologies are developing as a key channel for marketing and fan engagement. 

As we can see, modern technologies are useful for basketball players and viewers. And every year, innovations make the game more and more interesting, taking it to a new level.