Andrew Wiggins had a big performance when his team needed it the most. The former number one draft pick went for team-high 26 points and 13 rebounds leading the Warriors past the Celtics in Game 5.

Over the five finals games he is averaging 18.4 points and 9.4 rebounds in 38.4 minutes per game and is a big part of Golden State’s success.

His teammate Draymond Green was asked after Game 5 how his trust has built in Wiggins since arrived to the team via a trade from the Timberwolves.

“That trust [in Wiggins] has been building for two and a half years now since he got here,” Green said. “A lot of people looked at that trade like ‘Oh it’s another piece that they can move’ and we looked at the trade from the very beginning like that is a guy who could fit next to a healthy group absolutely well.

“I think when he first came here and I’ll never forget it’s when Thibs [Tom Thibodeau] wasn’t with the Knicks and Thibs was like ‘You guys are going to love him. He competes, he defends’ and he was telling us Jimmy [Butler] loved him.

“We all know how Jimmy Butler is – you got any softness to you, Jimmy don’t like you. That’s how Jimmy is cut in. He’s continued to show that, he’s continued to get better, he’s taking on every challenge that we’ve thrown in front of him and it’s huge. We need him to do that for one more win.”