Photo: Noah Graham/Getty Images

Golden State Warriors defensive specialists Draymond Green & Gary Payton II praised Steph Curry after Game 2 for his underrated defense.

(Via Let’s Go Warriors):

Draymond Green: “He never does [get credit for his defense]. I’ve been talking about it the last couple years how much he’s improved on that side of the ball. Teams used to try to call him into every action, and just try to pick on him. That doesn’t work anymore. He sits down, he guards, and you know, we all are there behind him if he does need help. But he hasn’t been needing that often, and it’s great. I’ve spoke about how much stronger he is. He’s able to hold his ground, so you’re not able to bump him off his spot, and that’s been huge for us. I’m not shocked he’s playing that type of defense. He’s been doing that, like I said, for the last couple years.”

Gary Payton II: “Steph is a two way player. He does a lot on the other side, but he does a lot on the defensive side, too. He’s in the right spots at the right time. He had, what, three steals tonight. He’s just in the right spot at the right time. And he talks to his teammates, he’s vocal. And he leads by example on both sides of the court. I guess guys don’t see it, but we see it on this team for sure.”