Anthony Davis
Photo: LakersdaMassa/Twitter

It is the third season for Anthony Davis with the Los Angeles Lakers. During his time as a Laker the 28-year-old forward won a championship and exited played in the first round.

Last year he was dealing with injuries and missed a lot of games. This year he was out for more than a month because of a knee injury.

According to sports analyst Stephen A. Smith, the time has come for the Lakers to trade Davis, especially thinking about the team’s long-term future.

“Ladies and gentleman, we’re going to talk about the Lakers beyond this season. They have to trade Anthony Davis. You don’t keep Anthony Davis. Here’s why,” Smith said on ESPN.

“Because his value is his value as a player, but durability is a question mark at age 28. As you get older, those durability questions are going to be more prevalent. So when you think about his top being as high as it’s going to be, is it that right now?

“And if you’re looking at LeBron James and the fact that you need additional pieces, I got to say Anthony Davis is the guy that you can get a lot for in return potentially because of his potential.”

This season Davis is averaging 23.3 points, 9.9 rebounds and 2.9 assists in 35.6 minutes per game. His three-point percentage has been dropping every season since joining the Lakers. This year it is down to 16.9%.