Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

The Lakers explored options were looking for ways to get themselves out of the Russell Westbrook situation earlier this season, new report suggests.

One of those options was working out a trade for Buddy Hield who was then with the Sacramento Kings (he was traded to the Indiana Pacers on before trade deadline).

The 29-year-old shooting was on the Lakers’ radar this past offseason but Sacramento and Los Angeles never reached an agreement.

However, this time L.A. did not want Westbrook to find out about the potential deal surrounding him, as Sam Amick of The Athletic reports:

“I wrote in early January about how they showed covert interest in discussing possible Westbrook deals early on this season. The “covert” part, in case anyone wondered, referred to the general idea that they were really hoping Westbrook wouldn’t find out. But more specifically, sources say one such scenario involved Sacramento and — wait for it — a deal in which then-Kings guard Buddy Hield would be sent to the Lakers. Yes, that’s the same Buddy Hield who came so close to being traded to the Lakers in the summer before they prioritized the Westbrook trade with Washington and left the Kings fuming (and who was traded to Indiana on Tuesday in the Kings’ deal for Domantis Sabonis). And yes, this is somehow all Harden’s fault too.”