LeBron James
Photo: Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Lakers superstar LeBron James is having an exceptional season for a 37-year-old as he is averaging 29.1 points per game. Despite such a high number, his team is far from being among the top teams in the league.

Sports analyst Skip Bayless thinks that LeBron’s focus on his own stats, and scoring in particular, is detrimental to winning basketball games. The co-host of UNDISPUTED also thinks that James gave up on the Lakers this season and is focused on chasing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s records.

“I’m seeing a basketball genius who decided if not conceded that this team is going nowhere,” Bayles said on UNDISPUTED. “I believe that he believes that now it’s all about chasing, catching, passing Kareem.

“And again, I’m not completely condemning that. but LeBron has turned his game inside out upside down because at this point he is more of a Westbrookian type player in that he’s more of a stat machine. He’s more of a solo act who’s just saying ‘I’m going to get mine.'”

“Everything’s gone into score, score, score. I give you this we’ve never seen anybody score like this in year 19 at age 37. And yet the way he’s doing it is detrimental to winning basketball games because it’s just solo act scoring,” Bayless said.