The total collapse of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Denver Nuggets received harsh criticism from a former NBA player Channing Frye, who was a teammate of LeBron James while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He slammed the purple and gold for their terrible defense, saying that they deserved to lose by 50 points (they lost by 37). Frye also noted that it was one of the worst games he’s seen from a team that has good players.

Via Nico Martinez of Fadeaway World:

“It’s hard to be that bad. They should’ve been beat by 50.. so undisciplined, double teaming for no reason, not rotating, guys not communicating.. I’ve seen some bad basketball, this is probably one of the worst game I’ve seen from a team that has good players on it.”

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel as well as his players often have to answer questions about their defensive effort in postgame conferences, but the issues persist.