Lakers head coach Frank Vogel praised Carmelo Anthony for his “basketball integrity” when talking about what the 37-year-old veteran brings to the team.

This quote by Vogel prompted a question to Melo to explain how he understands the term “basketball integrity”. “I just think it’s my commitment to the game, to being better, to myself, to my teammates,” he said.

“Understanding that my role is gonna change every night in and night out, depending on the style of game, the type of playing, the type of game that we’re playing. I’m still motivated, I still love the game, I still work hard, still coming to work excited about being here.

“And I always said when I don’t feel that no more, it’s my time to go. I’m nowhere near close to that. I still love getting up, I still love the preparation of the game, getting ready, getting prepared I don’t think that’s what I’m doing anytime soon.”