NCAA Basketball
Photo: NCAA

Last season the NCAA Basketball odds were shaken up as the Baylor Bears defeated the Gonzaga Bulldogs during what would have been an undefeated season. This season we expect everyone’s game to be adapted to move with the changing tides. 

You may have noticed that players who should move on from college basketball are still in the teams. That’s because every player is granted another year of play due to the disruption of the pandemic. 

This means that the odds just looked a whole lot better!

  1. Gonzaga Bulldogs

Last season, the Gonzaga Bulldogs were every bookie’s favorite. Although they didn’t win the championship, that doesn’t mean our opinion has changed. The Zags are considered the best team on the court by almost every sportsbook around. 

However, some people might think that it’s time for the Bulldogs to be put back in the kennel because a number of their best players have moved onto the NBA. Those are Jalen Suggs, Joel Ayai, and Core Kispert. 

That being said, the players who remain are great enough to lead the team to the championship again. They still have Drew Timme on board, and he was the Player of the Year last season. Timme is the best shooter in the game, and alongside him on offense is Andrew Nembhard, who has exquisite control of the ball. And of course, we cannot forget Chat Holmgren, who is the best all-around player we have seen in a while!

With so much potential, we can see why many bookies class the Bulldogs as their favorites. 

  1. UCLA Bruins

Having a history of championship wins doesn’t mean you will automatically do well in the NCAAB. Last year, Bruins relied too heavily on their presence to the frustration of their fans; it didn’t work well for them, and instead, the All-Powerful UCLA started the tournament in 11th place. Ouch.

This year we can see that the team has been shaken up. Johnny Juzang has been brought back and hopes to lead the team back into the top scores. Juzang is a phenomenal player who is one of the best shooters in the whole tournament. Alongside him will be Jamie Jaquez, who is known for making large spaces on the floor. 

There has even been a transfer. Myles Johnson has been moved from Rutgers to Bruins, giving UCLA a powerful center.

This year they want no one to question their ability. UCLA has come to fight.

  1. Kansas Jayhawks

Kansas is bringing back a player who is talented, experienced, and deep. Bill Self is known to go 8 deep or even 9, but already there has been talk about Self reaching 10 deep this season.

The Jayhawks have also been monitoring the transfers, and this season they have added Remy Martin to their team, as well as G Jalen Coleman-Lands. In fact, there are 5 new faces in the Jayhawks team, all of which will be first off the bench.

This shake-up will either make or break Kansas, and we predict that the new team will jel together for an unstoppable force. 

So far, the Jayhawks are the favorites to win the Big 12, especially as Martin, Agbaji, and McCormack are playing.

  1. Villanova Wildcats

Villanova is one of the teams who have used the ability to keep players this season. Now with 5 seniors on their roster, the Wildcats have created a strong team with more experience than any other on the court. 

However, although the Wildcats are on the up, they have lost one team member to the NBA draft, and that’s Jeremiah Robinson-Earl. He was an early entry and was whipped up fast.

Filling the gap that Robinson-Earl left is rising sophomore Eric Dixon. He has yet to prove himself, so we hope the kid won’t let us down.

In the Big East, the Wildcats will be the team to watch out for. 

In fact, you should be looking out for all of the teams above and checking out their betting odds!