LeBron James arguably remains the standard of modern NBA. For the longest time, he maintained the royalty, influence, and greatness that every single basketball player dreamed of — a sustaining excellence that can only be compared to the likes of Michael Jordan’s dominance. 

Coming from the words of a man who managed to view the future hall of famer’s growth and reign, Kevin Garnett has something to tell and appreciate about his superiority that carried the league to greater heights. Without any drama or controversies surrounding, he managed to carve his way from the shearing pressure. 

In an exclusive GQ interview, the 2008 champion gave his flowers on the player that he once considered an arch nemesis, saying that it did a great job spearheading the game after Jordan’s time.

“You’ve gotta have that in you to be able to have those shoulders to carry it. No man is perfect in this shit, and there ain’t no telltale book on how to do this shit. He’s done a great fucking job. I just felt like it was only right to give him that respect.”

James has been in a class of his own, and didn’t shy away from hype since his high school days in early 2000s. Possessing a god-given traits of power, speed, and athleticism, he topped the association and gripped the crown for so long before someone took it when his twilight is finally nearing. His four league MVPs, four Larry O’Brien trophies, tons of All-star selection, and multiple All-NBA and defensive team memberships are proof of his legendary journey across the basketball land. 

Already at 36 years of age, on his 18th campaign, and still having that global prominence, James is literally an unforgettable icon who contributed so much in the name of sport. While being the face of the league for such a long time, he’s been magnificent and one of a kind athlete.