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Stephen Curry has been excellent for the Warriors through the team’s NBA-best 9-1 start during the 2021-22 regular season. In the latest Golden State’s win, Curry exploded for 50 points and 10 assists.

Skip Bayless was not impressed by what Curry did Monday night and claimed that the Warriors’ superstar will have to show the same ability during the postseason.


“Nothing surprises me about Steph anymore, a 50-10 game doesn’t surprise me. But he has not measured up in the postseason to his regular season all-time greatness. I need to see more in the postseason from Steph. Go look at the numbers from Steph Curry in Games 5, 6, 7 against the Cavs in 2016. He played smaller in those games than he actually is. He completely folded and disappeared”

Bayless’ statements seem to be a bit of a reach considering Stephen Curry has several big playoff games in his resume, even after Kevin Durant joined the Warriors.

Curry single-handedly tried to put the Warriors back to the postseason last year, without Klay Thompson, who is still recovering from two long-term injuries.