Photo: Graphic via Grant Goldberg

During his time as the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, the team’s icon Magic Johnson tried to rebuild the roster in order to compete for a championship again after a few years of struggle.

One of Johnson’s biggest achievements was bringing LeBron James to Los Angeles in 2018. Despite the high hopes related with the arrival of then-three-time NBA champion, the Lakers failed to reach the playoffs and Johnson stepped down from his front office position.

Recently, he revealed one regret that he had from that time. It was not talking to James before stepping down.

Via Jonathan Abrams of New York Times:

“The only thing I probably would’ve did was probably talked to LeBron before I stepped down, because I felt that I owed him that, so that’s probably the only mistake I made was not talking to Jeanie and talking to LeBron before I actually did it,” Johnson said. “So, yes, I would do that different.”