Photo: Reuters

Brooklyn Net star Kyrie Irving has been getting lots of heat for not following other NBA players and refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine. The 29-year-old point guard is not crumbling under pressure even after his team effectively banned him from team activities.

Irving finally took to social media to further explain his decision and his thoughts about those who are criticising his vaccine stance. The 2016 NBA champion made it clear that the reason for him opting out of vaccination was a fight for the rights of people who are forced to take the shot in order to keep their jobs and livelihood.

As far as his critics go, Irving thinks they are just reading what they are told to. “These dudes read off scripts,” the Nets star said on Instagram Live, per Angelo Guinhawa of ClutchPoints. “They calling me unintelligent, all these different kinds of names. They’ll never say it to my face. To continue to play with my name…without me speaking? These dudes are puppets! One thing I’m not gonna tolerate is standing around watching people do things around me that are very questionable.”

According to data collected from 45 countries by Megan O’Driscoll and Henrik Salje, the infection-fatality rate for the age group of 25-29 year-old males, in which Irving falls into, is 0.013%. For the next age group, 30-34, it is 0.024%. It also known that the vaccines do not stop people from getting Covid, nor from passing it on to others. Moreover, vaccinated people can still get seriously ill and die of Covid.