Photo: Alonzo Adams/USA TODAY Sports

James Harden shared his thoughts on the Nets’ decision to sit Kyrie Irving out for the whole season after Brooklyn’s superstar decided to not take the COVID-19 jab.

As a result, Irving isn’t allowed to participate in indoor activities due to the New York City mandate regarding the vaccination status of people, including professional athletes.


“That’s the front office,” Harden said on the Nets’ decision. “We had conversations, as far as a collective unit, and the ultimate decision that the front office made was that if Ky wasn’t gonna be here full-time, then it’s best for him not to be on the team part-time.

I have no say so in that, and I can only state my opinion. We gotta continue to move forward. Obviously, we would love to have Kyrie here.”

Kyrie’s decision may affect the Brooklyn Nets’ title chances this year. The Nets’ superstar trio played together 13 games for Brooklyn last season.