Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA champions
Photo: NBA/Twitter

Based in North America, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is composed of thirty teams and is the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world. Originating in 1946, the NBA has been a growing part of pop culture across the country. Basketball is highly athletic and players are disciplined yet motivated. It has played an influential role in the media, generating interest among youth groups and college campuses. We’ve got some favorite teams that are likely to win the 2022 NBA championship below, based on current play, previous performance, and quality of separate players. Check out the NBA championship odds to make your own decisions about future wins, and for secure betting. 

With the off-season approaching, the NBA championship is all to play for during the 2022 regular season. Coaches are switching up team dynamics, bringing in veteran players, using wildcards, or even putting most of their money on an arrangement that they know is successful. The fast-paced game will be available to watch on ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBATV. With multiple TV stations, a lot of different angles will be covered, and you will be spoiled for choice with the fast-paced game. 

Milwaukee Bucks 

Currently rating 1752 in the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks are a firm favorite for many. Having successfully won their first championship in fifty years, odds for the Bucks are +800. The team consists of some versatile yet complementary stars. Antetokounmpo continues to be a solid addition to the Bucks, known as the “Greek freak”, the 2.11 m player is an elite addition who is sure to lead the team to success. Let’s not forget that there is a reputation to maintain, Holiday and Middleton will be returning for the next season with gold medals thanks to team USA, so expectations are bound to soar. 

Brooklyn Nets 

With +230 odds, the Nets are definitely worth keeping watch of. Despite injuries restricting main players,  the team have shown flashes of title contenders this season. The nets are “relentless when healthy”, and their offensive superstars are a big reason why they finished second in the 2020-21 league. Durant, Harden, and Irving have a reputation to live up to and are known as a lethal and unstoppable trio. 

Los Angeles Lakers

Regularly topping the leaderboard, the superstar team has a quality that is unmatched within the NBA. With a defense known to win championships, the Lakers are only as strong as their weakest link, of which there are none! Their success is thanks to Frank Vogel’s coaching, who works hard to create a fantastic atmosphere. Each player knows their value and is able to bring something different to the team while consistently bringing the Lakers’ depth and hard-working attitude. The dynamic of the Lakers is unique and coach Frank Vogel adopts a more parental stance with his superstars, but it continues to prove highly effective. 

Phoenix Suns 

Although their most recent season wasn’t the best, the Suns finished their regular season with a second-best record. Coach Monty Williams has made some adjustments over the off-season and a more experienced team might make all the difference in the Suns’ success. Odds are +1500 for the team, and the addition of three-time champion JaVale McGee could be exactly what they need. Team leader Chris Paul has impressive stamina and respect from the other players that is sure to contribute to their success next year. 

Golden State Warriors 

Following some off-season improvement, the Golden State Warriors are attempting to climb the leaderboard once again. With odds +1200, the Warriors have the fourth-best odds to win in 2022. The valuable addition of some veterans includes Otto Porter Jr, and two-time MVP Stephen Curry. This is bound to create some tension on the leaderboard if these players continue to live up to their reputations and coach’s expectations. 

Utah Jazz

Finally, with the fifth-best odds of winning the 2022 season, Utah Jazz are definitely contenders with the potential to climb the leaderboard. The odds are +1400, which isn’t amazing, but the dynastic blood runs deep within this team and plays a role in players’ motivations. They didn’t have the best season last year, but that doesn’t mean they should be ruled out completely. Jazz players are strong fighters, and the rookie campaign could add a new kind of dynamic to the NBA. They haven’t had the best streak of luck, but no one really knows what could happen in 2022. 

In summary, it’s all to play for in the 2022 NBA championship. From the integration of veteran players to using new approaches and playing wild cards, there are so many variables that affect the chances of each team gaining the title. Odds are regularly changing based on this, so be sure to check out the link above for accurate, up-to-date information and predictions. The landscape for the NBA is shifting, but the importance of the sport in our lives remains the same. Some teams have had bad streaks of luck, and it could all be set to change before long. Nobody really knows what the future holds. Because the standard keeps rising, 2022 is going to be intense to watch and offer stiff competition from the very start. 

Basketball is unlike any other sport because it is a vital part of American culture and colleges throughout the country. Last year, the NBA saw 1.34 million viewers on average tuning in to watch the superstar players compete in the tense cultural game. Whether you’re rooting for the Phoenix Suns, Lakers, or Brooklyn Nets, the next season of the NBA is going to provide tense viewing across the country. Athletes continue to set the standard higher and higher with their motivation, discipline, and sportsmanship. It’s no wonder why the sport has become such an essential part of youth culture. The media is an essential part of the NBA scene, with awareness and betting recommendations available everywhere. Check out Fanduel for secure betting and informed odds.