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DeAndre Jordan discusses his role on Lakers

DeAndre Jordan
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

The Los Angeles Lakers have two pure centers on the roster in DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard plus Anthony Davis, who is expected to play the five position more. Consequently, there will be competition among these players for playing time.

According to Jordan, he is ready to accept the role that the Lakers want him to play even if that means sitting out some games. “I’ve been in that position where I’m expected to play 38 minutes plus a night so I’ve seen that I’ve done that,” he said.

“As your career goes on, your body changes, your role changes and I’m fine with that. It’s happened to ton of different players and they’ve still been able to accept a new role and be successful in that role. I feel like throughout my career I’ve been a role guy. If that changes a little bit, I’m still fine. I’m still going to be a team-first guy.”

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