Michael Jordan
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Sports and betting go hand in hand; after all, they do come from the same niche and market. As much as we see photos of NBA players hitting a net, we also see other parts of their social life. Besides, we are all humans, and we all need to play and unwind. Throughout the years, many NBA players have made headlines for an array of social activities, one of which is indeed gambling. Some of these players have hit the basketball court during the day ruling the NBA charts, and hit the Vegas tables during the night.

A way of escapism from the tough demand of NBA basketball seemed to be gambling. Some have made the headlines for scoring on big wins, whilst others have donned the glossy tabloids for gambling problems. So, let’s have a closer look at some of the players we can call ‘the casino enthusiasts’.

Micheal Jordan

Micheal Jordan has always been regarded as one of the biggest stars in basketball. He simply defined the game. One of his career highlights was the deal with Nike to produce branded shoes that are deemed Nike classics nowadays. That is the glory that Jordan had and still has in a way.

Fans regard him as the absolute basketball legend, and truth be told, he was. Yet MJ had another passion outside of the basketball court; namely, gambling. Jordan was a regular at land-based gambling establishments in Salt Lake City and wagered money playing golf with friends. Unfortunately for Jordan, it is rumoured that once he even lost a cool million whilst losing at a golf match amongst his pals. Good news is, poker always treated him kindly; thus, making him a regular figure at Texas Hold’em tables.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley was an NBA star that enjoyed many accolades one after the other. Having earned his spot in the NBA All-Star team 11 times, ‘Sir Charles’ was on top of the world, and so was his payroll. This allowed the NBA legend to start gambling, freely and openly at Las Vegas casinos; fondly enjoying the blackjack tables which were not so kind on Barkley’s payroll. Having lost a substantial amount of money at a casino, subsequently Barkley failed to pay up his dues and was sued by the same casino for over $400,000.

Of course the bad news did not seem to simmer for Barkley, as he continued with his bad luck streak, with millions of dollars in losses. There is a saying in the gambling community that seems quite fitting in this case: “when you lose a solid amount of money, take a break; trying to get your money back, will see you lose more.” If only Charles Barkley could have listened to us preeching.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson was a legend in scoring and passing. He was a stellar NBA player earning some of the top bucks that only the NBA could offer. Instead of watching Netflix like the rest of us, Iverson spent all his downtime at land-based casinos. Nothing wrong there; yet, AI managed to get banned from a good number of casinos in Atlantic City, Vegas and even Detroit.

Playing at high stakes always makes our hearts miss a beat or two, but Iverson made the headlines for being rude to the dealers, being negative and even throwing playing cards to other players’ faces. Call this.

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