Richard Jefferson, who had the opportunity to play alongside LeBron James, says another player and not the Los Angeles Lakers star is the most gifted player he has ever seen. According to him, it’s Vince Carter who retired after the 2019-2020 NBA season.

“Since I played with Vince, I’m gonna go first on this one,” he said on ESPN’s The Jump. “That is a 100 percent. You [Matt Barnes] had him for one season, I was with him for four seasons and when I tell you I have never seen anything like Vince Carter. And I was fortunate to play with LeBron…

“But there was nothing that I have ever seen this man not be able to do. Left-hand finishes, left-hand dunks, 360 layups, handle it like a point guard. … I think to me, he is the most talented player I have ever seen in my life.”