LeBron James Anthony Davis
Photo: Getty Images

Although the 2021-2022 NBA season is a couple of months away, sports analysts are already predicting who will meet in the Finals. The majority predicts that the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets led by their big threes will be the last two teams standing.

According to a former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins, a key advantage for the Lakers is Anthony Davis who cannot be stopped by anyone in the league. “I just want to to know when LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are going to impose their will on the low block, who in the hell is gonna stop them along with Anthony Davis? .. Who in the hell is going to stop Anthony Davis? PLEASE. Somebody tell me that,” Perkins said on Road Trippin’ podcast.

“Anthony Davis he doesn’t say a lot, he don’t talk much. You know that, right? He don’t say a lot. But one thing I want to remind y’all is that he is not building all this Giannis getting credit stuff. So I’m think that Anthony Davis is going to come back next year on a whole another mission.”

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