Dennis Schroder Russell Westbrook
Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Russell Westbrook is still looking for his first championship at the age of 32 after 13 years in the NBA. He will team up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Los Angeles Lakers this coming season in what will be arguably his best chance at winning a ring.

According to sports analyst Stephen A. Smith, the pressure will be on Westbrook to win it all next season. However, Smith thinks that the former NBA MVP does not care about pressure at all. It will be external pressure rather than internal.

“It almost makes to a point where we might all need to be medicated for depression if we don’t get this Finals Brooklyn versus Lakers,” Smith said on ESPN’s First Take.

“There will never have been more pressure on Russell Westbrook than this upcoming season. This is the most pressure he has been through in his career.

“Now to be fair to him, he doesn’t give a damn. Russell Westbrook don’t care about much. He a rough rider, he’s pig-headed, he’s strong-willed. He don’t give a damn. But from the outside world looking at him, more than ever before, his resume is going to come into play.”