Mike Budenholzer
Photo: AP Photo/Nell Redmond

Milwaukee Bucks are one game away from winning their first title in 50 years, with Mike Budenholzer receiving praise for the way he coached his team during the postseason.

According to the Bucks’ principal governor Marc Lasry, the team will discuss Budenholzer’s future after the end of the NBA Finals.

(via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel):

“We’ll deal with it at the end of the year,” Lasry said. “Nobody has talked about it.”

Lasry also said the rumors of parting ways with the veteran head coach if the team had another unsuccessful playoff run were not true.

“There was no truth to it,” Lasry said of the reports. “But what ends up happening is you can’t sort of listen to what the media is talking about because they were going to write what they need to write.

I just felt bad for ‘Bud.’ That was really it. How would you like to be reading about yourself, people saying it’s over. I get it. It’s part of the business we’re all in. I think it was hard for him.”

Several reports suggested that Bud could be dismissed from Milwaukee’s coach position, after going down 2-0 to the Brooklyn Nets during the Eastern Conference semifinals.

The Bucks came into the season with NBA Finals expectations, beginning with a massive trade of draft capital and players for Jrue Holiday and finishing with the agreement with Giannis Antetokounmpo to extend his stay for another five seasons.

Now, they need one more win to fulfil the expectations and bring an NBA title back to Milwaukee after 50 years of waiting.