Anthony Davis LA Lakers
Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers were considered a strong candidate to repeat after becoming the 2020 NBA champions last season. However, they had a rude awakening in Game 1 of their first round series against the Phoenix Suns.

The Lakers were limited to 90 points during Game 1 on their way to a 90-99 loss to the Phoenix Suns. Stephen A. Smith chipped to describe the way Phoenix prevailed over the Lakers admitting that the reigning champions are in trouble.


“I picked the Lakers to win in seven games but it wouldn’t surprise me at all in Phoenix won. They’re younger, they’re spry, they have a superstar in Devin Booker. In his first playoff game, he was the best player on the court. It wasn’t LeBron, it wasn’t Anthony Davis, it’s Devin Booker,” Smith said in an appearance on Get Up on Monday.

“What is going to usurp Phoenix in anyway is LeBron and AD. It really just comes down to that. If Deandre Ayton neutralizes Anthony Davis in anyway or negates what he’s doing because he’s matching what Anthony Davis brings to the table, Phoenix is going to win this series. In order for the Lakers to win this series, Anthony Davis is going to have to be dominant.”