Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry were pretty close to being teammates this year, which would have probably been great for Jimmy as the Miami Heat superstar has revealed Lowry is the godfather of his child.

Lowry was targeted by the Heat during the trade window but they wound up signing Victor Oladipo instead. It’s still all well and good as Lowry is Butler’s favorite player to go up against and he can continue to do that for some time still. Butler was asked who his favorite opponent is by Lindsay Czarniak in a recent interview and went on to disclose some pretty personal details of his relationship with the Toronto Raptors guard.

“Probably Kyle Lowry,” he replied. “Just because he’s one of my absolute best friends. He’s the godfather of my daughter. As competitive as it is, we’re always laughing, we’re always joking around. I would say something else, but then the NBA is gonna look at this and be like, ‘Oh my god, he’s tampering.’”

Lowry and Butler could have been teammates had the Heat been willing to give up Tyler Herro or Duncan Robinson. In the end Pat Riley opted to keep the youngsters who helped fuel the team’s run to the NBA Finals last year.