Photo: Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

With the three-point shot currently being utilized at an all-time high, it’s safe to say many retired players would have benefited more in today’s game. Shane Battier is certainly one of those past guys, as he was drafted in 2001 during an era where big men like Shaq & Tim Duncan dominated the post. Battier recently gave his take on how much better he would fit in today’s NBA, saying he wouldn’t go near the paint and instead shoot an absurd amount of three-pointers.

(Via Dawkins on Duke):

“If I could go back and play today, I don’t think I would’ve set foot in the paint because I wasn’t a great finisher. I couldn’t finish over the top and dunk on these guys, and I didn’t get fouled a ton. So I would’ve tried to shoot literally 15 3’s a game because I would’ve hit 40 percent, and if you hit 40 percent of 15 3’s a game that’s 18-20 PPG and you’re getting paid a lot of money.”