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Basketball Hall of Famer Dino Radja does not think Giannis Antetokounmpo and Russell Westbrook would have it too easy in Europe if they were to play there.

Radja, who had an illustrious career in Europe, while he also joined the Boston Celtics for four seasons (1993-1997), joined a Nuggets fan group for an interview on YouTube a few weeks ago.

In a question on how NBA stars would cope with the European style of play, the legendary forward said that it would be difficult for some.


“They don’t play defense in the NBA, and you come to Europe with five guys who know what they are doing. They close your penetration; they don’t let you rebound in the offense …

By chance, we played against Greece in the qualifications for the Olympic Games, and that was the tactic. Back then, Giannis was also a good player, he was not an MVP, but he was at the very top.

Don’t let him penetrate, block him, and don’t let him receive the ball in the fastbreak. Everything else he gives, let him. He gave us four points.”

Radja then turned to the 2016 MVP award and current Wizards’ superstar Russell Westbrook claiming that he would not have led any team to a championship in Europe.

“To me, that Westbrook guy … Bring him to Barcelona, ​​CSKA, or Barcelona and tell him to be the European champion … That has no chance of happening.”