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Michael Rapaport blasts Meyers Leonard: “You goofy seven-foot bleach-blond-headed dumbf*ck”

Meyers Leonard
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Actor and a big NBA fan Michael Rapaport, who is Jewish, blasted Meyers Leonard for using an anti-Semitic slur on his Twitch stream. In a heated video he refused to accept the apology that the Miami Heat center issued in the wake of a hug backlash.

“Meyers Leonard. Bunch of things to discuss in this one. First of all, I’m full Ashkenazi Jew. 100 percent, not 93, not 94. 100 percent uncut Ashkenazi Jew. I’ve been thinking a lot about this you goofy seven-foot bleach-blond-headed dumbf*ck,” Rapaport started his rant.

“I’ve never heard anybody say that word. Growing up in New York City I was never called that word. I knew it existed. I actually have only been called that word on social media in my DMs. Most of the time the f*cking idiots, the insurrectionists that call me that word, the K-word, spell it wrong. I’ve never actually heard anybody say it out loud who wasn’t Jewish.

“in a slang, in a derogatory way that you said. That’s not a word that we hear often. Jews, non-Jews. We’re not desensitized from that word. That’s not a slang that we hear every day. There’s other words: the N-word, the B-word, the F-words, all of which we hear for different reasons which I’m not going to discuss, here all the time that we’ve become desensitized from it.

“That K-word, which I’m not gonna say here cause I don’t want this video to get taken down cause I want to make sure you hear this and everybody else hears this. That K-word is like a gold antique. That’s on the top of the antique cabinet. And it gets taken down and used and when it gets taken down and used it stabs in the heart. It’s like an infected needle stabbing you in the heart.

“I want an apology on video. F*ck your written explanation. I want an apology on video, motherf*cker, explaining yourself the same way you explained yourself about standing for the national anthem, which I think was very heartfelt and made sense to me. I remember talking about it on my podcast. I also want Micky Arinson, the owner of the Miami Heat, who I believe is Jewish, to cut your f*cking dumb goofy ass. You need to be cut. Adam Silver needs to suspend your dumb goofy ass. He’s Jewish.

“You need to ingratiate, educate yourself in the long-standing Jewish community in Miami. Some of which are American Jews, some of which are European Jews, a lot of Latin American Jews. People like ‘what do you mean Latin American Jews?’ Yeah, there’s Cuban Jews, big community in Miami of Cuban Jews.

“And you need to do better. You’re a filthy animal for saying what you said. I don’t accept that bullsh*t apology. I I need you to put your f*cking face and your bleach-blond hair, I need you to put your f*cking self on video, explain yourself from the bottom of your heart, the same way you did about not standing for the national anthem I want the same vigor with which said the word playing the video games. Playing video games? You f*cking dummy. And explain yourself and apologize. And the re-educate and re-program yourself. I don’t accept that f*cking apology.”

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